Why Some People Like Bitter Beer and Some Don't?

Is full-bodied or smooth beer more suited to your taste buds?

To mark the launch of its new smooth-tasting low carb Heineken® Silver, the beer brand has joined forces with geneticist Andrew Shelling to understand the science behind their flavour preferences.

Andrew says that people are genetically hardwired to detect bitterness – it is written in our DNA and has evolved to be like that over millions of years for our survival from potentially toxic and poisonous foods.

“Some of us are born to detect strong bitter flavours more strongly than others," he explains. "Those who are more sensitive to bitterness are likely to make food and drink choices to avoid the taste. However, as we age, our bitter taste sensitivity also changes.”

Those who are more likely to detect bitterness in food and drink and make up roughly 25% of the general population. These folk are likely to avoid foods such as broccoli, spinach, coffee, and dark chocolate.

Heineken Silver trio

The launch of Heineken® Silver expands the brand's offerings by bringing a friendly, easy-to-drink beverage to those who don't usually consider beer their go-to alcoholic drink of choice. 

With the rise in popularity of low carb beer – which has grown 22% over the past year alone – the new product will be welcomed with open hands.

Cormac van den Hoofdakker from DB Breweries describes Heineken as a beer for everyone. "Heineken® Silver is crafted to meet the needs of a new generation of beer drinkers with a lower carb, lower-calorie recipe, making it the perfect choice for sipping at concerts, sporting events, or any occasion where friends gather to enjoy all of life's flavour."


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