Beer Hacks

3 Beer Storage Tips

This crackin' start to 2022 is giving us more reason to open a cold one after a day in the office. To get the most out of your brew, keep these three handy tips in mind.

Upright position

Horizontally stacked beer bottles might fit better into your fridge, but doing so will do unwanted things to your beer. The shelf life of a beer is approximately three months and during this time, you should be storing your beer vertically.

When a beer lies down, a yeast ring can form inside the bottle, as the yeast has nowhere to settle. An upright position will allow the yeast to sit cosily at the bottom.

This will also limit the amount of exposed beer and slow down the oxidation process.

Light isn’t beer’s friend

Light and oxygen are beer’s two natural enemies. Aside from a keg, a can is the best vessel to maintain the quality of a beer, as light can’t penetrate through the aluminium.

However, if you’re buying bottled beer, pick a dark location for storage. No one wants skunky beer.

Keep it cool

Temperature plays a huge role in maintain a beer’s freshness. You want to store the beer at a crisp 13°C. Temps much lower than this can zap out the flavour, while warm temperature will affect the carbonation. 

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