NZ Rosé Day 5th Feb

The Best Wines To Try This NZ Rosé Day

It's New Zealand Rosé Day on February 5th, so why not celebrate with a glass of this glorious wine?!

Rosé wine is like a summer fling for your taste buds, a special treat that's all about good vibes and easy sipping. Its playful pink hues are a joy to pour, promising a sip of sunshine in every glass.

A lazy afternoon, a chilled bottle of rose, and a fruit and cheese board. As you bring the glass to your lips, a burst of fruity fragrances — strawberries, watermelon, maybe a hint of citrus – tease your senses. It's like a fragrant garden party in a bottle.

The crisp acidity wakes up your taste buds, while a subtle sweetness lingers, leaving you refreshed and craving more. What makes rosé a real MVP is its versatility — pair it with a picnic, seafood, or your favourite takeout; it's a laid-back companion for any occasion.

Whether you're chilling by the pool, enjoying a backyard barbecue, or just unwinding after a hectic day, rosé is there to add a touch of glam to the everyday.

It's not just a drink; it's a vibe. Here's a few of our top drops to try this New Zealand Rosé Day.  

Wairau River

Wairau River Rosé

Delicate floral aromatics intermingle with an abundance of strawberry and raspberry notes on the nose, with a palate that is finely balanced, with mineral acidity providing length and a complexing briny character that supports the fresh stone fruit, strawberry and citrus flavours. Finishing with a hint of residual sweetness, this is a wine that epitomises summer in a glass. Pure, crisp and undeniably delicious!

Tohu Rose

Tohu Rosé

Pretty pink with fresh but delicate red fruits, balanced by lingering juicy acidity and a dusting of candy-floss.

Squealing Pig 2

Squealing Pig Rosé

This wine is going to knock your trots off elegant and balanced, brimming with fresh strawberry and hints of creamy citrus tart before a refreshing orange finish. Crisp acidity perfect for a hot summers day and a balanced finish that will make you squeal for want more. 


Minuty Rose

Minuty M Rosé

Minuty M is pure pleasure, pure provence and pure Minuty in a bottle. Everything about the M vintage locks in its balance and vibrancy. The blush wine is an instant hit with its intense aromas, ranging from tangy berries to tropical fruit notes. It’s vibrant and light on the palate with refreshing zesty and herbaceous notes.

Lindauer Prosecco Rose

Lindauer Prosecco Rosé

A rosé made by blending a percent of Pinot Noir into the traditional Prosecco base. This soft-hued rosé is ripe, fresh and fragrant displaying creamy, red berry fruits, yellow apple and peach. The palate is equally charming with vibrant fruit flavours and smooth, creamy strawberry mouthfeel, wonderfully complemented by refreshing acidity.

Oyster Bay 1

Oyster Bay Rosé & Oyster Bay Sparkling Cuvée Rosé

The perfect shade of Oyster Bay Rosé is produced from the delicate touch of Pinot Noir grapes, carefully selected, and blended to express fruit vibrancy and delicate red berry profiles.

From our vineyards in Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough we created Rosé not to stand alongside the old world, but to stand out as uniquely Oyster Bay. Its wonderful style and zesty fruit vibrancy are simply unforgettable. Pale rose in colour but vivid in its flavour, Oyster Bay delivers two fresh and fragrant styles of Rosé.

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