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Rosé Food Matching Tips

Take your rosé wine to the next level with these do’s and don’ts for food matching

Summer’s favourite wine is wonderful on its own, but with the perfect food combinations, it can be utterly magical. And since we're at the height of wine season, we asked Ara Senior Winemaker Duncan Shouler for his top tips for matching foods to rosé. “For me, rosé is all about brightness, freshness and the flavours of summer,” says Shouler. “It truly is one of the most versatile wines when it comes to food matching, as it can be paired with an array of flavour profiles – salty, savoury, sweet, even spicy.”

A bottle of New Zealand Rosé from Ara Single Estate


Shouler recommends selecting a rosé that’s drier in style, such as the Ara Single Estate Pinot Noir Rosé, as you’ll find this pairs with food much more easily. Ara Single Estate Pinot Noir Rosé is a dry European-style rosé with fresh and lively New Zealand fruit flavours and aromas. You’ll taste and smell notes of delicate wild strawberry, raspberry and subtle spice.


Top tip is to avoid serving rosé when it’s raining. Ok, just kidn', but you’ll admit there’s something about this wine and sunny days that fit like hand in glove (particularly long lazy lunches and al fresco dinners in picturesque settings). In reality rosé can be enjoyed all year round and while we can’t control the weather, one thing to avoid is serving it with heavy, rich foods. “You really want the brightness and freshness of the rosé to sing with the food, not be dominated by it,” advises Shouler. 


These are Duncan Shouler’s top food match recommendations, with some insider tips that will really elevate the flavour experience…

A bottle of New Zealand Rosé from Ara Single Estate, and beautiful food and rose wine matching when paired with goats cheese, crackers, prawn salads and fresh strawberries and cream


Shouler advises avoiding cheeses that are too strong in flavour such as blue or strong washed rind cheeses, as they’ll dominate the lightness of the wine. “The saltiness of a simple goat’s cheese or a good feta pairs exceptionally well with the subtle sweetness and freshness of the Ara Single Estate Rosé.”


Seafoods such as prawns, salmon and tuna pair well with rosé, but Shouler is a fan of keeping the accompanying flavours equally light. “For umami meatiness that’s not too overbearing on flavour, serve a crisp prawn salad with a light citrus dressing.”


There are few dessert combinations that cry out for a bottle of rosé as much as a batch of meringues served with cream, berries and fresh mint. If you can add a bottle of Single Estate Rosé and conjure up a sunny day or balmy evening to go alongside it, you have the ingredients for the perfect experience.

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