ALBA Mixes It Up!

Can't decide between ALBA's four delicious RTDs? Well now you don't have to!

Exclusive to Liquorland, ALBA's New Mixed Pack gives you the option to try a few of each of their four flavour options, and share the traditional taste of Mexican tequila or rum with friends. 

So, what's in the Mixed Pack?

4x ALBA Original Sparkling Margaritas
Diehard margarita fans know the importance of using a good quality tequila and real lime juice to make the perfect drink. Our Original Sparking Margarita is just that. Authentic Mexican Tequila, Mexican lime juice, agave, salt, and NZ sparkling water. 

2x ALBA Sparkling Paloma 
A zingy alliance of tequila, grapefruit juice, Mexican limes, sparkling NZ water & a touch of salt. Serve it absolutely icy cold and thank us later. 

2x ALBA Coconut Sparkling Margarita
It's not news that coconut and lime are a match made in heaven - this is summer in a can all year round, whenever and wherever you want it. ALBA got their ingredients straight from the source for a super refreshing and subtle coconut flavour: coconut water, real Mexican lime juice, and NZ sparkling water, sweetened with only agave syrup. 

2x ALBA Cuba Libre
Alba Sparkling Cuba Libre combines our authentic Mexican white rum with natural cola, heaps of real lime juice and muscovado for that soft caramelised flavour. 


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