Taste the Vibe with new Coruba Gold Rum & Soda tropical RTDs.

Two new mixed drinks from Coruba are now available in New Zealand, just in time for summer. A blend of 2-year barrel-aged Coruba Gold rum with soda water and fruit flavours. Best enjoyed at the bach, beach or backyard – anywhere with mates where the Sun is Down and the Vibes are up.

“Most Kiwis are familiar with the classic Coruba Original and Cola combination, but we’ve gone down a very different road with these new cans," says Coruba National Brand Ambassador, Stephen Burke. "We’ve blended the Coruba Gold with soda and some amazingly refreshing tropical flavours.

"The result is a drink that classic Coruba enthusiasts will love, as well as new drinkers. Even people who traditionally don’t drink a lot of rum are loving these new cans, so there really is something for everyone to get on board with.”

Coruba Mango

Coruba Gold with Mango, Passionfruit & Soda

Sweet tropical mango and slightly tart passionfruit combine perfectly to make this summer’s most refreshing drink. 5% ABV. Available in 10-packs nationwide.

Coruba Raspberry

Coruba Gold with Raspberry, Grapefruit & Soda

Refreshing fruity raspberry and delicious grapefruit work perfectly with CorubaJamaican Gold Rum for a delicious drink as the sun sets. 5% ABV. Available in 10-packs nationwide.

The new product launch builds on Coruba’s position as New Zealand’s #1 Rum by volume*, having been one of the top-selling rums in New Zealand for over 40 years. 

*Nielsen Scan data: Dark Rum – Latest year to date – Week Ending 10/09/23

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