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4 Ways To Enjoy Your Sparkling Rose This Valentine’s

Pink bubbles and Valentine’s are a match made in heaven, but here are some ideas to take it even beyond that

On Its Own

We can’t think of any other drink more perfect for Valentine’s Day than well-chilled sparkling rose. Ok, we can, a French rose Champagne like Mumm Rosé, which is a refreshing alternative to the floral and sweet fruit flavours of traditional rose Champagne. With aromas of fruits of the forest, pink grapefruit, cherry, strawberry and caramelised vanilla, and a fine bubble, it’s pretty much everything you want for flavoursome refreshment on a summer’s evening. RRP$69.99 at Liquorland stores

How well-chilled? We’re not going to talk temperatures because seriously, who actually has a thermometer hanging around for that kind of thing? Just pop your bottle in an ice bucket for 30 minutes and it’ll be the perfect temperature to bring out the aromas and flavours, and create the ideal bubbles.

Mumm Rose Champagne

With A Pop

The House of Mumm recommends enjoying a Mumm Rosé Poptail by serving a handcrafted alcoholic peach or raspberry ice pop in a glass of straight Mumm Rosé. A super cooling idea for Kiwi-style summer Valentines.

Mumm Rose Champagne poptail

Matchy Matchy

While a sparkling rose like Mumm Rosé Champagne is a great aperitif on its own, pairing with a well-matched dish can deepen your flavour enjoyment – provided you choose the right match. Because of its fresh and fruity flavours, the Mumm Rosé, for example is great with grilled seafoods such as salmon and prawns, tender chicken, paella, tagine and desserts with light fruit flavours such as berries, macarons and ices.

Mumm Rose Champagne and macarons

Make A Special Treat

If you’re looking for something next-level to pair your rose bubbles with, our Sparkling Berry Jellies made with Mumm Rosé Champagne are so romantic even a Valentine’s Grinch would go wobbly at the knees. Get the recipe here 

Toast magazine Sparkling Berry Jellies recipe

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