A Very Special Whisky – Found Only at Liquorland

The ultimate Christmas gift for the Whisky-lover in your life, available only at Liquorland.

Pōkeno Whisky is the New Zealand spirit forged through a unique marriage of culture and climate.

It's an intangible phenomenon that produces tangible greatness and enables Kiwis to fearlessly punch above their weight on a global stage. And it's this spirit that inspires the team to experiment with flavour to create world class but distinctively different single malts.

Pōkeno Whisky Pedro Ximenez Cask Single Malt Whisky is the oldest product bottled by Pōkeno Whisky so far. It's more than four years old and is a full maturation PX. 

What can we expect from this drop?

Prepare for a sensory symphony as the aroma unveils a rich tapestry of hazelnuts, interwoven with dried fruits and indulgent toffee. The Pedro Ximenez influence adds an extra layer of complexity, while subtle hints of chocolate and a touch of citrus linger in the background.

Let the hazelnuts take centre stage on your palate, blending seamlessly with the sweetness of luscious figs and dates. Velvety smooth notes of caramel and honey provide the perfect backdrop, creating a decadent experience. The PX cask influence introduces a delightful medley of raisins and a gentle warmth that enhances the overall flavour profile.

And the grand finale leaves you with a satisfying, lingering sweetness reminiscent of a hazelnut-infused dessert. The aftertaste features subtle echoes of oak and a hint of spice, inviting you to savour each moment.

Where did the sherry casks originate from?

All sherry casks are from José y Miguel Martín, which is a family-owned bodega in Southern Spain. Pōkeno Whisky is a registered user of sherry casks with the Sherry Council, which allows them to use the appellation on their labels.

How does the 4-year ageing ensure the flavours develop as required?

Thanks to the unique sub-tropical climate of Pōkeno, the single malt whiskies mature at an accelerated rate — five times faster than your typical Scotch. So, after a delightful four-year stay in PX casks, the whisky emerges with a rich and deep flavour profile that's nothing short of extraordinary. 


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