Appleton Estate: Discover The Extraordinary

Appleton Estate combines its history of artisanal distilling with innovative releases that capture its unique terroir.

With a history of rum-making that dates back more than 270 years, Appleton Estate produces complex rums from the heart of tropical Jamaica.

A place like no other

The Appleton Estate story takes place in the densely forested hills of Jamaica's Nassau Valley. The nutrient-rich, fertile soil and temperate climate create unique growing conditions, perfect for the ten individual varieties of sugarcane that Appleton Estate produce. This makes Appleton Estate one of the few rums in the world with a terroir.

The Estate is situated in a limestone rich area, acting as a natural filter for rain; absorbing tropical showers and producing a stream of clear azure water that runs through the hills of the Estate and adds a signature sweetness to the rums.

Artisan rum distilling

Appleton Estates premium rum range is made using local varieties of sugarcane, non-GMO yeasts for fermentation and limestone-filtered spring water – all of which add a distinctive quality to each bottle of Appleton Estate rum.

Appleton Estate rums age nearly three times more quickly in the tropical climate of Jamaica than spirits aged in cooler climates, allowing for richer, fuller flavours to develop in a shorter time.

The magic of Master Blender Joy Spence

Appleton Estate’s internationally renowned rums are crafted under the experienced guidance of Master Blender Joy Spence. Joys passion and dedication to her craft led her to be promoted to the position of Master Blender in 1997, becoming the first woman in the spirits industry to hold the title of Master Blender.

Every barrel of rum used in Appleton Estate rums is personally and expertly selected by Joy Spence and her team. Under her careful stewardship, Appleton Estate’s premium, authentic Jamaican rums capture the distinctive terroir and flavour of the vibrant Caribbean Island.

Appleton Estate Mai Tai

Appleton Estate Mai Tai

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