New Zealand wines

Wither Hills' Single Vineyard Secret

One of New Zealand's most reputable wine brands, Wither Hills is uniquely New Zealand. The single vineyard Benmorven Chardonnay is a perfect expression of its influences

Founded in 1994, Wither Hills has been home to a small team of winemakers who pride themselves on producing the best wine from one vintage to the next. These winemakers know the Marlborough area like an old friend, with its quirks and interesting habits. From there, they know how to create wine that truly showcases the uniqueness of this wine jewel of New Zealand.

Wither Hills Single Vineyard is about selecting wines and blending them to perfection. It's the wine that the winemakers love to create, and wine drinkers love to enjoy. 

Single Vineyard wines only use grapes sourced from one vineyard, taking the best from the land to create memorable wines. Wither Hills Benmorven Chardonnay is created in the organic conditions of Benmorven, which has a drier and clay-based soil, which supports less growth competition for weeds (necessary for organic wines). The open canopy of the vines allows air movement, keeping the vines healthier, with less risk of disease. 

Having an organic relationship with the vineyard means the wine is naturally smaller-yielding, and is more reflective of its wild influences. It's a less manicured and more down-to-earth Chardonnay.

Wither Hills winemaker Matthew Large says it's the land which gives Wither Hills Single Vineyard wines their character. "With Single Vineyard we wanted to create the ultimate sharing wine," he says. "These wines are a perfect accompaniment to a dinner party or special occasion. It's a wine to be savoured and enjoyed with good company."