Wine lingo with Melanie Bracewell

“Flannelly - it sounded right, and that’s all that matters.”

Top Kiwi comedian Melanie Bracewell gets to grips with the art of “wine lingo” in a hilarious, fun series of new videos for Brancott Estate.

Despite a love of wine Bracewell freely admits she has zero experience with how to describe it, so bluffs her way through with a somewhat unusual and unique wine lingo that includes phrases like flannelly and comparisons to Winston Peters and George Clooney.

Bracewell’s sharing her novel wine tips in eight different videos that you can watch via her Instagram page (@melaniebracewell) and Brancott Estate’s Instagram page (@brancottestate).

“When Brancott Estate came to me and asked me to give my top wine tips, I leaped at the opportunity and did absolutely no research. Whilst I love wine, I still don't know the difference between a sav and a pinot gris, but what I lack in knowledge, I make up for in confidence!” she says.

At the heart of Bracewell’s wine tips is the award-winning Brancott Estate’s Reserve Range including pinot noir, rose, pinot gris, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

Renowned for fresh, vivacious wines bursting with flavours, the range is perfect to celebrate life’s special moments; and they pack a punch just  like Bracewell’s humour!.

Brancott Estate’s Reserve Range is available now starting from $19.99 (RRP).