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Top five: Sauvignon blancs for the cooler months

Rich pinot noirs and peppery syrahs often take the limelight when it comes to winter wines. But what about the whites? With International Sauvignon Blanc day on May 6th, we take a look at our favourite five sauvignon blancs to enjoy in the cooler months

Herbaceous, light and subtly savoury, sauvignon blanc is adored by many. But so often this zesty white drop is thought of purely as a summer wine when in fact, many sauvignon blancs work beautifully in the cooler months – especially when paired with foods such as tomato, garlic and citrus. We look at five sauvignon blancs you can enjoy as the nights start to cool and the days start to shorten.

1.Mudhouse Sauvignon Blanc

With a vibrant palate filled with notes of citrus, guava and green bean, this crisp sauvignon blanc is a lovely drop to sip by the fire with friends.  Zesty grapefruit acidity and tropical fruits give this white wine a fresh and juicy finish to balance the full body.

2.Tohu Sauvignon Blanc 

The beautifully fruity body and seamless dry finish of the Tohu sauvignon blanc set it apart from other white wines. Notes of passionfruit are layered with bitter citrus making it a fantastic match with garlic and hard cheeses.

3.The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 

Arguably one of the most fresh and vibrant New Zealand sauvignon blancs on the market, The Ned sauvignon blanc is bursting with notes of kaffir lime and lemongrass. Dry with delicate notes of citrus, this sauvignon blanc is a perfect match with warming risottos and pasta.

4.Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc 

Minerals, herbs and tropical fruit all play lead roles in the Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc making it a diverse wine that refreshes in summer and warms in winter. The generous flavours of this white are perfectly balanced by a delicate lime finish.

5.Soho White Collection Sauvignon Blanc 

The Soho White Collection sauvignon blanc is a wine with personality. Bursting with youth and fun, this white is enough to awaken your tastebuds much like a crisp autumn morning on bare skin. Lively notes of orange zest and citrus make this a lovely drop to have with a spicy laksa or Thai curry. 

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