Soft reds

First of the summer wine

When people think of red wine, they often think of a hearty big red by the fire in mid-winter. But red is the colour of summer – if it’s good enough for strawberries, why not wine?

In 1969, a family of wine merchants – the Taylor’s from Sydney - bought 178 hectares in the Clare Valley, South Australia. Despite a passion for good wine, they had little experience in viticulture, but this didn’t prevent them from planting 400 acres of cabernet sauvignon and 40 acres of shiraz. When they released their first vintage in 1973 they hoped for a good reception; and were astounded when their cab sav won the Montgomery Trophy at the Adelaide Wine Show for best red.

Now, 46 years on, the same family are still crafting exceptional wines on the same estate in the Clare Valley, and while their range has certainly widened, it’s their reds they are most proud to show off – especially in summer.

Try it chilled

If you’ve never considered chilling a red, Taylor’s Estate Pinot Noir is a good wine to experiment with. Pop a bottle in your fridge for about 30 minutes, just to give it a colder edge. Back in the day, red wine was often served straight from the cellar at a temperature several degrees lower than we are used to today. Pinot Noir is a wine that definitely benefits from a slightly cooler serve, bringing out the cherry and plum flavours – perfect for warm summer days.

Picnic reds 

Whether you pack your picnic basket full of classic beef and mustard doorstops, or a light parmesan and rocket salad, you’ll find the full bodied Taylor’s Merlot a perfect antidote to those bitter flavours. Expect berries, fruitcake and chocolate, with a soft and velvety mouthfeel.

Best for the BBQ

A meaty dinner needs a beefy wine. Taylor’s Estate Shiraz is a lively little number, juicy upfront with an oak finish. Perfect with a steak, chorizo, venison sausages or a charcoal baked pizza.

A bottle for the beach

Even the sunniest of days can finish with a chilly night. Keep warm while stargazing at the beach with a Taylor’s Estate award winning Cabernet Sauvignon. The original varietal from this producer, this is an intense, full-flavoured wine with cedar characters and a complex, lingering  finish.

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