Japanese Yuzu Is Having a Moment

It’s the citrus fruit of the moment, and there are many ways to enjoy it.

Yuzu is a fruit that hails from East Asia (although it is grown in New Zealand too) and tastes like a mix of lemon and mandarin with hints of lime and grapefruit too.

Confusing? Maybe. Delicious? Yes! Which is why we’re seeing yuzu pop up in our favourite drinks.

Yuzu options

The Vodka RTD

Native Vodka Lemon & Yuzu

Quench your thirst with this well-balanced RTD made with Japanese yuzu, vodka and sparkling water – reminicent of old fashioned lemonade.  

The Pre-Mixed Gin 

Scapegrace Gin & Soda Yuzu Lemon

Made with premium Scapegrace gin and New Zealand-grown yuzu, this gin and soda is beautifully balanced. Enjoy it straight from the can (chilled) or pour into a glass with a chunky cube of ice.

The Refreshing Mixer 

Fever-Tree Lime & Yuzu Soda Water

This zesty lime and yuzu soda is made with lime from Mexico in addition to pressed oil extract from the floral Japanese yuzu. It’s a low-calorie
soda that’s perfect for mixing with vodka, gin or tequila (or just on its own for a non-alcohol version) for a mouth-watering, refreshing spritz.

The Premium Spirit 

Scapegrace Uncommon Vodka Yuzu Lemon

Uncommon not only in name, but this release is also limited to just 2,500 bottles, all hand-numbered. Yuzu lemon is eternally fresh and sharp with a floral scent, making the vodka savoury and fresh with an aromatic citrus flavour that sits alongside salty floral notes. Crafted from the fruit of Horowhenua-based producers Neville and Junko Chun, who are pioneers in the cultivation of authentic Japanese yuzu lemons in New Zealand. 

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