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Try The Spicy New Absolut Flavour

Celebrate International Vodka Day today by trying the spicy and smooth new Absolut Extrakt

In Sweden, it’s common to infuse alcohol with spices, herbs and plant extracts, and these spice-infused spirits have been drunk, most often neat or as a ‘snaps’ as Swedes would refer to it, for hundreds of years.

In line with its Swedish heritage, Absolut Vodka has just launched a new flavour – Absolut Extrakt – which is spiced with the warm flavour of green cardamom and other ingredients that are kept closely under wraps. After the super tasty launch of Absolut Lime last year (read about this zesty and refreshing vodka here), we were pretty excited to wrap our lips around this spirit, and despite being clueless as to what a cardamom vodka would taste like,? we weren’t disappointed.

Tasting Notes

Absolut Extrakt is a spicy yet smooth and complex vodka that we’d happily sip neat over ice, or with a high-quality tonic, sparkling water or soda to really let the flavours shine through. It’s also recommended to pair with ginger beer, which we can imagine working well with the spice riff. At first sip you can taste a nice fruitiness to the spirit, which develops into a sweet spiciness and finishes with a peppery kick that had us wanting another sip.

Serving suggestions

As mentioned, we really loved drinking this vodka neat over ice, or with tonic, soda or sparkling water. After you’ve tried it with ginger beer, step things up a bit by adding the spicy kick of Absolut Extrakt to classic and contemporary cocktails.

Absolut Extrakt, RRP$39.99, 700ml

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