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Sauce up your seasonal desserts

From boozy trifle to tipsy tiramisu, here are six easy tips for extra-decadent desserts

Sundae, sundae:

Add some excitement to vanilla ice cream by pouring a shot of Campari over the top, and sprinkling with some finely grated lemon zest. This classic fruit liqueur will give even the most basic ice cream an exotic zing. 

Coffee and cream:

Bring out the dark notes in your tiramisu by topping it with Tia Maria whipped cream. Those sweet coffee tones give real depth to your dessert. Simply add a couple of tablespoons of this sumptuous spirit to cream before whipping.

Double orange:

Turn a traditional fruit salad into something really special by adding a splash of Cointreau. Allow it to soak in this decadent orange liqueur for half an hour and sprinkle with cinnamon before serving.

Irish bake:

Replace the oil in a chocolate cake recipe with Bailey’s Irish Cream for a creamy whiskey flavour perfect with Irish coffee.

Red Velvet Trifle:

Use Red Velvet cake instead of sponge in your trifle and soak it in Crème de Cassis. Use red berries for the fruit to bring out the flavour of the cherry liqueur, and top with whipped cream.

Deep south apples:

Are you a baked apple lover? Core your apples and soak them in bourbon overnight before you bake them for a sweet yet smoky flavour - you’ll never go back.

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