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Make memories with O'Mara's

Pick up a bottle of O'Mara's for a taste of true pleasure

With its decadent cream, soft melting chocolate and fine wine blended with the O'Mara's original recipe, O'Mara's Original Country Cream is one of those drinks to be savoured. 

O'Mara's Country Cream is the pride of Ireland's lush, verdant pastures, yielding the richest, smoothest cream generously found at the heart of every bottle. Available in four deliciously smooth flavours for you to enjoy - O'Mara's Original, Strawberries & Cream, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange (think Jaffa, only sweeter!).

Keep a bottle in the fridge, and drink it over ice; alternatively pour over ice cream as a deliciously smooth dessert treat, or even a shot in your coffee to end the evening on a perfect note.