Ice Cube Trends

Ice, Ice Baby

As the weather gets toastier, there’s more reason to amp up the ice in our drinks. From infused cubes, to oversized icebergs, here are some ice hacks to attempt at home.

Crafty ice cubes are set to be the coolest cocktail addition this summer. While bars have been experimenting with different cubes for a while now, it’s time to take this icy trend into every cocktail lover’s home. Here’s how to do it.

Oversized spheres or squares 

These cubes are perfect for anyone fond of the odd dram. Since they are larger than regular ice cubes, they take longer to melt, and stop your drink from becoming too diluted and watery.

You can pick extra large ice cubes moulds and spherical ice trays from most home stores. 

Icy spears 

Using ice columns (a single rod of ice) can keep your drink ice-cold, plus make it look pretty swanky, too.

Buy a basic silicone ice cube mold and cut out the ribs, which will then create one spear instead of multiple little ice cubes once frozen. Make sure you measure out how tall the sphere needs to be in relation to your glass. 

Easy infusion

Sometimes a simple G&T needs a bit of jazzing up. Ice cubes can be infused with herbs, fruit, juice, or even edible flowers, for a dainty cocktail look. 

Perfectly clear cubes

You can also revamp regular ice cubes by making them crystal clear. Simply boil water twice, let it cool down a bit, and then pour it into a tray and freeze. You’ll be left with clear cubes. 

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