Mothers day

Here’s to you, mum

We raise a glass to mums everywhere with our top Mother’s Day brunch cocktails

Mother’s Day is the time to honour and celebrate the leading lady or ladies of your life. A celebration brunch is a lovely way to do this and what better way to make brunch extra special than to whip up a gorgeous brunch cocktail for your wonderful mum?

Check out our top mother’s day brunch cocktails below for ideas of what to clink when you say “cheers” to the wonderful woman who raised you.

Rhubarb and Strawberry Bellini

Bellinis not only taste delicious but the pop of colour that comes with their fruity twist looks beautiful too. They’re easy to prepare and a lovely drop to have with French toast or croissants. Click here for recipe.

Ultimate Bloody Mary


A spicy, bold Bloody Mary is a fantastic partner to a hearty cooked breakfast. Think golden hash browns, perfect poached eggs, crunchy bacon. Need we say more? Click here for recipe.

Ruby Red Magarita

Zesty and zingy, this citrusy gem is the perfect tipple for any celebration. Grapefruit is in season at this time of year too so it’ll be easy to get your hands on some fresh ones to juice. The Ruby Red Margarita is gorgeous match for both sweet and savoury brunches. Click here for recipe.

Hot Chocolate with a kick

There is something so comforting and pleasing about a perfect hot chocolate. This boozy twist on a much-loved classic is an absolute crowd pleaser and a lovely drink to serve at the end of your brunch. Click here for recipe.

French 75

Brunch and bubbles is always a good mix. But brunch and bubbles with a lemony gin spin? That is a great mix. The French 75 is easy to prepare, delicious and a sensational companion for bacon and eggs or pancakes with lemon curd. Click here for recipe.

Marmalade Martini

If your mama is a marmalade lover then look no further than this marmalade martini. Invented by cocktail legend Salvatore Calabrese, this mix of tart citrus, sweet marmalade and gorgeous gin makes for a perfectly balanced brunch drink. Click here for recipe.

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