Beating the odds: The story of Bacardi rum

No amount of setbacks, not even exile from Cuba, has stopped the Bacardi family from following their passion

The story of Bacardi rum begins in 1862, when Spanish merchant, Facundo Bacardi, set up a rum distillery with his brother José in Santiago de Cuba. Here, he set out to create a locally produced spirit that was as sophisticated as the finest cognacs.

Passed down through eight generations and still family-owned, Bacardi has survived numerous obstacles to be where it is today. Through the Cuban revolution, a cholera outbreak, earthquakes and fires, the Bacardi family continued to follow their passion for making great rums. Despite the family being exiled from Cuba during the Revolution in the 1960s, the rum continues to thrive. 

Bacardi became known to Americans during the Prohibition, when they would holiday in Cuba to enjoy a drink and have a good time. It is here that they were introduced to the Original Bacardi Mojito, a timeless classic to this day. Get a lemongrass twist on the original recipe here.

Ginger whisky mojito

Ginger whisky mojito

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