3 Rules To Follow For a Classic Gin & Tonic

With literally hundreds of gins available to us in Aotearoa, the art of making gin can get pretty overwhelming. But the classic G&T remains for good reason. You can't beat simple. Here's a few tricks to be mindful of when making this much-loved drink.

A classic gin and tonic is effectively one-third gin to two-thirds tonic, lots of ice and a slice of lemon. Easy, but it's critical that you use: 

1. London Dry Gin

London Dry Gins are known for their classic juniper berry flavour, and use beautifully balanced botanicals without any overpowering trend or statement flavour. 

2. Fresh Tonic Water

Look for tonic water made with real sugar as opposed to corn syrup or sweetener. Buy small bottles that you'll use up quickly. Don't ruin your drink by using flat tonic. 

3. Large Ice Cubes

Use large ice cubes (spheres or giant cubes). They'll take longer to melt than small ice cubes, and allow the gin to stay balanced for longer. 



Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic

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