4 Chocolate Liqueurs

Whether it's Easter or not, chocolate liqueurs and spirits are always a good time and are delicious on their own, in a cocktail, or added to a dessert sauce.

3 v20Santa Marta Chocolate Liqueur

This smooth Italian chocolatey delight is perfect when served on the rocks, chilled, over ice cream or added to your favourite espresso martini for that mocha factor.

2 v20

O'Maras Lamington

Combining the decadent chocolate flavour and mouthfeel of O'Mara's Irish Cream with notes of New Zealand's beloved chocolate and coconut-flavoured cake.

1 v17

Kings Just Chocolate Liqueur

Produced and bottled in New Zealand, this is a great alternative to Baileys or Irish Creams and is best served straight over ice.

4 v11

Amarula Raspberry & Chocolate

Crafted to preserve the rich and distinctive cream liqueur taste of Amarula using sustainably sourced ingredients from Africa, this smooth raspberry and chocolate liqueur is made for chocolate lovers, and is the perfect cream liqueur gift.