Dancing Sands' New Look and Sustainable Future

Dancing Sands Distillery, is proud to release their Gins in a new recycled glass bottle made right here in Aotearoa.

Dancing Sands will be moving their bottle production from Europe back home to New Zealand, and in the process will reduce 15 000 KG of carbon emissions from their production cycle every year.

Founders Sarah and Ben Bonoma were motivated to reduce their carbon emissions when Dancing Sands started exporting to the UK. The fact that they were importing bottles from Europe, filling them in Golden Bay and then sending them right back to where they came from did not sit well with them and led to Sarah contacting New Zealand’s only glass bottle manufacturer.

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"It hasn’t always been an easy path to take", explains Sarah. “We knew that moving bottle production to New Zealand and using recycled glass was the right thing to do, but it has been a long road to bring our goal to fruition with many hurdles along the way."

"To be honest, it would have been easier to go offshore for bottle production but we knew that we had to stay the course and make it happen.”

The hard graft is all worth it with the knowledge that they’re eliminating 15 000 KG of carbon emissions every year from their production cycle – the energy equivalent of charging your phone 1.8 million times!Untitled design v3

Dancing Sands’ owes its continued success to the natural surroundings of Golden Bay. Founders Sarah and Ben Bonoma knew Golden Bay was a bit of a tricky location when they established the distillery in 2016, but that its remoteness is what gives way for pristine natural beauty that continually provides inspiration for their innovative flavours. With that in mind, the brand is leading the way with cleaner, greener raw materials and manufacturing processes, helping to keep New Zealand’s treasured, natural spaces as pristine as possible for future generations of Kiwis to enjoy and draw inspiration from.

Dancing Sands Distillery is located in the heart of Tākaka where they offer free tastings from their Tasting Room.

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