Spotlight on: Amarula

You may have seen the bottle in the cupboard or the name in a few recipes, but what is Amarula, exactly?

On the plains of subequatorial Africa stands a beautiful tree. Its short trunk gives way to tall, slender branches and in February, at the height of the African summer, the female trees are laden with ripe, yellow fruit about the size of a plum.

This is the majestic marula tree.

Used by the locals to make wine and jam, marula fruit has been eaten for over 10,000 years and contains four times as much vitamin C as an orange. A relative of the mango, once you’ve broken through the thick skin you can expect a creamy, fleshy stone fruit with an exotic taste.

In the early 1980s someone had the genius idea of distilling marula wine and combining the spirit with cream to produce a decadent, tropical liqueur: Amarula. Amarula took the world by storm, and is now the world’s second largest-selling cream liqueur.

A great drink with a fascinating story and an unforgettable flavour. Why don’t you give it a try?

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