Smirnoff Vodka

7 Steps To Becoming The World's #1 Vodka Brand

Smirnoff is a vodka empire in its own right. From a Russian man with a vision, to status as the world’s number one vodka, we take a look at the Smirnoff story.

1. Unlocking potential 

Pyotr Smirnov founds the Smirnoff distillery in Moscow, Russia in 1864. He saw the potential in creating a high quality vodka for the common man.

2. Help from Mother Nature

Smirnoff sees the potential in silver birch trees – using them to create charcoal through which every drop of Smirnoff vodka is triple filtered.

3. Breaking the boundaries 

Smirnoff proved it wasn’t constrained by class by transcending boundaries to become the drink that truly is for everyone – from the common man to the Russian elite.

4. Revolution rumble 

The Bolshevik Revolution broke out in 1917. After joining the White Army resistance, Vladimir Smirnoff, Pyotr’s third son, is captured and becomes a ‘enemy of the people’. But even in the face of certain death, he defied it by escaping the firing squad 4 times. He escaped and headed to Western Europe.


Post war, Smirnoff went from rags to riches. Seeking, pursuing and chasing potential in new places from Constantinople to Paris, Smirnoff launched in Paris in 1925.


1933 marks the end of Prohibition in America, and the beginning of Smirnoff’s reign. Smirnoff sees the potential of a vodka as a ‘white whiskey mixer’ – inspiring a cocktail revolution, defining the cocktail culture, and changing the way people drink spirits forever.


Smirnoff has limitless potential and launched the world’s #1 RTD –  Smirnoff Ice.

This is what has made Smirnoff the world’s No 1 vodka. 

Smirnoff has a history of leading the way – doing things and seeing the world differently. Today, we continue to see potential at every turn – in people, things, and places others might not. 

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