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5 Ways To Use Vodka

We know vodka is a perfect cocktail base, due to its unobtrusive flavour, but did you know there's other ways to use this incredibly versatile spirit?

October 4th is is International Vodka Day, and we know you’ll be whipping up a storm with some of our amazing vodka cocktails, because this is the most versatile spirit there is! 

But we like our spirits in many forms, so here are some great ideas for other ways to use your vodka. 


Marinating and preserving fruit with spirits makes for a great dessert option. Take a decent bowl of fruit, add plenty of white sugar, spices like cinnamon and ginger, top with vodka (flavoured vodkas also work well here, try Smirnoff Apple and Absolut Vanilla), and leave to marinate overnight.


Sugar syrup is one of those essential cocktail making staples, but who has time to stand over a stove all the time making it? Adding a splash of vodka to your sugar syrup before placing it in a screw-top jar will help it to last for longer, a few months in the fridge.


Yes, you heard right. Add a few tablespoons of vodka to your next tomato pasta sauce to intensify the aromas and flavours of the sauce and add some nice herbal and peppery notes.


Make an easy but luscious dessert by blending vodka with frozen berries, water, sugar and lemon juice for a Vodka Berry Granita that’s the perfect refresher in spring and summer. 


Create your own infused vodkas by simply adding a few ingredients to a bottle of vodka and leaving it to sit for a week or so to absorb the new flavours. From berries to herbs, spices to fruit, the combination of flavours is up to you. 

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