Why We're Mad For Mango!

Flavour is king in the world of ready-to-drink beverages, and it seems like mango’s having a moment.

Known as ‘the apple of the tropics’, Mango is appreciated worldwide, and is the delicious national fruit of India, the Philippines and Pakistan.

Sunshine-yellow mango is grown on huge trees that can reach over 30 metres tall and nearly 10 metres wide, and it not only tastes insanely good, but it has a decorative purpose for Indian celebrations.

Mango leaves are often strung on a thread and hung on the doors and windows at parties and celebrations. Word is, it’s the preferred leaf of choice because of its longevity. 

Mango’s no stranger to a summer RTD either – predominantly paired with vodka as the spirit to let the flavour shine – and the number of brands that choose to make their drinks with mango proves it’s a flavour that Kiwis continue to favour. 

“Mango is one of the fastest-growing flavours in the world, and it’s a strong part of the tropical trend we are seeing here in New Zealand,” says DB Breweries Marketing Director, Fraser Shrimpton, whose recent launches in time for summer are Tui Brewed Vodka, Mango and Soda; and Odd Company Mango, Lime & Soda – which promises low-sugar and high taste. “Mango pairs well with other tropical fruits, as evokes a serious holiday vibe.” 

David McGrath of Clean Collective says that their Passionfruit and Mango with Vodka is their top-seller. So, where do they source their mango?

“The mango we use is a natural flavour extract produced in Australia from Australian mangoes grown in the tropics and sub-tropics of Queensland and the Northern Territory,” he explains. “We receive the extract in liquid form, and add it to the blending tank, along with the other ingredients. We then carbonate up the tank and fill the cans on the line.”

Clean Collective Marketing Manager Holly McGrath knows all too well how mango resonates with punters, saying, “It’s a flavour that instantly transports you to an island with white-sand beaches, palm trees and crystal blue water. Because mango isn’t a fruit commonly grown in New Zealand, we tend to associate it with a tropical holiday.”

Going strong for more than a year, vodka giant Smirnoff’s Seltzer Mango marries the delicious tropical flavour of mango to sparkling water and pure, iconic Smirnoff vodka. Seltzers have gained huge popularity with Kiwis over the past couple of years, and is a variation on mixing spirits with soda or tonic.

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