Japanese RTD giant Kirin Hyoketsu hunts for New Zealand Hand Model!

Kirin Hyoketsu, Japan's premier ready-to-drink (RTD), has announced the hunt for a new hand model, and the bizarre search is limited to none other than Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Kiwis are invited to upload a photo or video of their hand for their chance to secure the position of Kirin Hyoketsu’s hand model. And with (hand) fame comes fortune – the winning model is promised a hefty paycheque of 1 Million Yen (almost $11,000 NZD)!

Local comedian Tom Sainsbury, is one of the comedians assisting with the New Zealand-wide search, encouraging all Kiwis to throw their hands in the ring.

Sainsbury remarked, “When I heard they were looking for a hand model, I thought, 'Finally, a job where I don't have to use my face!' But in all seriousness, I've been practising my hand poses, and I reckon my hands are ready for the big leagues. Move over, supermodels, it's time for the hand models to shine! By the way, I've already thrown my hat – or should I say, my hand – into the ring with my audition tape. Let's see whose hand emerges victorious!” 

Tom Sainsbury
Above: Tom Sainsbury tries his 'hand' at modelling. 

To be the ‘face behind the hand behind the can’,' Kiwis from all corners are invited to showcase their handiwork. Those that deem their hand worthy of 1 million yen can apply via social media, sharing their submission to Instagram

Kirin Hyoketsu, pronounced Hyo-ket-su, established itself in Japan in 2001, climbing to the top of the RTD charts and gaining a devoted following globally. Launching in New Zealand just late last year, the drink was met with unprecedented demand and popularity, selling out across the country. 

Hyoketsu (translating to freeze) is aptly named after its signature technique, which freezes the lemon juice at -18°C to lock in the intense citrus flavour, delivering a perfect blend of sweet and sour lemon notes. 

Please read the competition terms and conditions here.

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