What's With Our Obsession With Chilli Margaritas?

It simply wouldn't be a Kiwi summer without chilli margaritas – but what makes them irresistible?

Kiwi RTD brands Pals and ALBA both spiced things up a bit this month, with the simultaneous launch of their respective pre-mixed chilli margaritas.

Chilli Marg RTDs
Two hot new Chilli Margarita RTDS: (left) ALBA Chilli Sparkling Margarita; (right) Pals Chilli Margarita

We love a good chilli marg on repeat during summer (pre-mixed or not), but what makes the chilli addition to a margarita a stand-out sip? 

It's Thirst-quenching

The spiciness in chilli margaritas can stimulate saliva production, making the drink feel even more thirst-quenching. This can be particularly appealing when people are looking for drinks to combat dehydration in the summer heat.

It's Celebratory

Summer equals outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and social events. Chilli margaritas, with their bold and exciting flavour, can be a fun and conversation-starting addition to summer get-togethers.

It's bold 

'Tis the season to crave bold and vibrant flavours. The spicy kick of chilli in a margarita adds an extra layer of excitement to the taste experience.

It Goes Well With Summer Food

The spiciness of chilli margaritas can complement a variety of summer dishes – from grilled meats to spicy tacos – enhancing the overall dining experience.

It's adventurous

Vacations, relaxation, and a more carefree attitude are well suited to the chilli margarita's adventurous flavour profile, all in the spirit of summer fun and exploration. 

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