4 Steps To Make a Charcuterie Board

Try this welcome change from a cheese board.

The word charcuterie is derived from the French term for ‘cooked flesh’. The success of a great charcuterie board is a balance of rich, fat, salt and sour. Here’s how to create a classic bistro-style board.

Select the best cured meats you can afford

From ham to copas and salami. Add to that a good paté or meat-based terrine if you can find one. 

Pickled vegetables (carrot, onion) or gherkins

These are key to compliment the richness of cured meat. Little cornichons (baby gherkins) are the most authentic. Note: To pickle your own mushrooms, bring 1 cup of wine vinegar and 1 cup of sugar to the boil until the sugar is dissolved. Season well and pour over a jar of firmly-packed shiitake or sliced button mushrooms. 

Picked eggs

For easy pickled eggs, soft boil and peel eggs, then place eggs in a jar of warmed leftover pickle juice or gherkin brine. 


Add a few tablespoons of seed mustard, tapenade and/or chutney for interesting condiments.

And to Finish

For the finishing touch, add crackers, grissini, crostini or a sliced fresh baguette. You're ready to serve!