Penfolds Announce Their 2023 Collection

The Penfolds Collection 2023 comprises wines from four countries and is available at select Liquorland stores.

The annual Penfolds Collection of 2023 spans variety, vineyard, country and time, enabling and embracing the freedom to explore the best viticultural regions across Australia, and now the world, with a distinctive and time-honoured approach to winemaking. 

This year's Collection comprises of wines from four countries (Australia, USA, France and China) and is available in select Liquorland stores, and also includes the inaugural release of the Californian Collection in New Zealand. Chief Winemaker Peter Gago proudly acknowledges the Collection is an evolving showcase of Penfolds innovative spirit and enduring ‘House Style’ – now in a truly global context.

Click here to view the full 2023 Penfolds Collection!

“The Penfolds Winemaking Team relishes the opportunity to work across two hemispheres and numerous time-zones – with like-minded people and unique winemaking cultures – redefining what ‘pushing the boundaries’ now means.” 

Liquorland Howick AucklandAbove: The 2023 Collection displayed at Liquorland Howick in Auckland. 

Penfold 2019 Bin 8 Shiraz Cabernet (Exclusive to Liquorland!)

Within the 2023 Collection is Penfolds 2019 Bin 8 Shiraz Cabernet, which is exclusive to Liquorland New Zealand. This has been crafted in the traditional Penfolds' style. Ripe, balanced fruit flavours are supported by softly integrated oak resulting in an impressive, smooth red wine. 

Boysenberry ice-cream flavours flesh out the sumptuous palate, bolstered by Moroccan tagine spices and cumin roasted pumpkin. Earthy spices are rounded out by an invigorating red currant succulence.


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