Drinks At Mine: Christian Newman

Christian Newman takes us through his making and shaking home bar essentials.

Christian Newman (@lovefromyourdads on Instagram) is known for his fun family antics, surrogacy and adoption advocacy, services to the fire brigade, being co-daddy to his gorgeous children, and his fabulous flair for cocktails – namely a solid margarita!

So what are his must-haves when it comes to entertaining at home?

1. Super-Stylish Cocktail Shaker 

"I can’t go past a good cocktail shaker, for obvious reasons!"

2. Impressive Ice

"Giant ice moulds are a bit fancy and elevate a cocktail like you are in some fab New York skyline bar."

3. Citrus Garnish

"I love a good garnish. Dehydrated lemons and limes are so easy, look fab, and add an aroma to the drinking experience too." 

Christian Newman Bar Essentials

Above: 1. Cellar Luxe Cocktail 3-Piece Set from Farmers, RRP $79.99, farmers.co.nz; 2. Drinks Plinks Sassy Spheres Ice Shapes, RRP $32.00, teapea.co.nz; 3. Dehydrated Oranges, stock image. 

And what about Christian's go-to spirits? His top three are listed below:

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