Autumn comforts

As the nights get longer, we often change the type of drinks we choose. It makes total sense that our bodies look for deeper, warming flavours that are perfect for Autumn

As the eaves start falling and we start inching towards the winter solstice, it’s normal to reach for slightly different beverage options. It makes total sense that as our bodies start crave warming comfort food like casseroles, roasts, curries and soups we should also move more towards full-bodied drinks too. Bold red wines, hoppy hazies and dark stouts, whiskies and rums are great drinks to warm our insides, ones that taste good by an open fire.

If you’re a wine drinker it’s common to graduate towards the heavier red end of the scale as autumn hits. Wines like Te Mata Vineyard Syrah with its    cherry, jasmine and anise flavours, and the rich dark fruit and spice notes of Young & Co The Jam Syrah, are wonderful pours as the nights draw in.

Don't give up on the whites though; a chardonnay will also pair really well with a heavier meal too. Try a Marlborough varietal like the Brancott Estate Letter O Chardonnay with a creamy chowder; The Jules Taylor Chardonnay is fantastic with vegetarian dishes and pasta sauces.

Breweries understand our changing cooler weather tastes too and many release more dark beers and seasonal sours over the Autumn season. Some New Zealand craft breweries, like Urbanaut and Behemoth, regularly create beers based on the season, so don't be afraid to ask what's on at the moment, as many can be limited editions. Cassels and Sons' Milk Stout is a good one to have in the fridge too.

While many folks may be more likely to have a rum and coke or a whisky in the autumn months, there’s no need to put the gin into hibernation – it is still the most popular spirit in the world right now. Spice up your regular G&T with an autumn twist by swapping your usual slice of lemon with a slice of feijoa or even persimmon for an autumnal touch. The latest must-have in gin is Dancing Sands' Sauvignon Blanc Gin - it's a little bit different, and perfect to play around with when choosing mixers. For a gin that really looks the autumnal part, try the stunningly orange-coloured Greenall's Blood Orange and Fig Gin

So don’t be sad because summer is becoming a distant memory. Autumn brings its own set of joys and seasonal flavours for us all to enjoy.