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Tap Into It

The old is made new again with a new instore method of delivering the best craft beers to fans in the way the brewer intended. Straight from the tap.

Many of you will remember back in the day that your dad or grandfather would come home from the bottle shop with a flagon of beer wrapped in a paper bag, or perhaps he had a small, specially designed case that carried two flagons and four 7oz glasses.

Now the flagon is enjoying a rebirth in the interests of selling craft beer in store the way the brewer intended it to be tasted, fresh from the keg. Now known as growlers, these dark glass vessels are refillable and designed to keep beer fresh and tasting good for as long as possible. It’s a direct response to demands from craft beer fans, who are increasingly appreciating beer fresh from the keg – and if you’re keen to look after the environment, it cuts down on recycling.

Numerous Liquorland outlets already have taps on site. Just take in a clean bottle and ask the shop assistant to fill it for you. Liquorland also provides fantastic two-litre glass growlers imported from Europe.

There are plenty of benefits to fill-your-own flagon, growler or rigger. First, the beer is coming to your from a sealed keg so you can be sure it’s fresh and lively. Second, it’s a fact of life, that beer fresh from the keg is just that little bit better than bottled beer.

Third, and this is really important, a lot of craft brewers put out small volume brews in keg only – special one-offs, experimental beers and festival entries are rarely bottled. That means being able to rush down to Liquorland and get a sample of the latest, greatest beer is a chance you can’t pass up.

Local taps

Liquorland Ahuriri
Liquorland Albert Street
Liquorland Andersons Bay
Liquorland Botany
Liquorland Cableways
Liquorland College Street
Liquorland Courtenay Street
Liquorland Feilding
Liquorland Fitzroy
Liquorland Forrest Hill
Liquorland Grey Street
Liquorland Howick
Liquorland Kensington
Liquorland Miramar
Liquorland Mt Eden
Liquorland Mt Maunganui
Liquorland New Street
Liquorland Newmarket
Liquorland Northcross
Liquorland Powderham
Liquorland Pukekohe
Liquorland Rototuna
Liquorland Tauranga
Liquorland Timaru
Liquorland Upper Hutt
Liquorland Waterloo
Liquorland Whangarei Central

Click and Collect

Just one click. That’s all it takes to grab your weekend cocktail essentials from your local Liquorland thanks to Click and Collect.

Simply choose your desired tipples, pay at the quick ’n’ easy online checkout and voilà – your purchases will be ready and waiting for you at your Liquorland store of choice.