Introducing "New Zealand's Most Approachable Beer"

Royalburn Station's Nadia Lim and husband Carlos have teamed up with Garage Project to create and easy-drinking, high-quality beer that also boasts great value.

New brew Swifty is named after the Swiftburn Stream that flows through Royalburn Station in the South Island's High Country, where Nadia Lim and her husband Carlos Bagrie grow the spray-free barley which is then brewed into beer by the good folks at Garage Project. 

Swifty is a refreshing beer in the vain of your classic Kiwi Draught. It’s not big on hops and has a 4.2% ABV. It suits pairing with food, sunny days, ski fields, hot tubs, before a night out or during a night out – and it's excellent after mowing the lawn.

So what makes it so 'approachable'?

"We’ve taken Royalburn’s exceptional malt and Garage Project’s enormous efficiencies of scale and expertise, to create, we believe, NZ’s most approachable beer.", says Pete from Garage Project. "It’s high-quality, it’s local, it has a great story, but best of all, it’s exceptional value."


Um, the name sounds familiar... 

Yes, the name Swifty, did have to go through a legal process to get trademarked, thanks to the popular name associated with music superstar, Taylor Swift. 

"The Swiftburn Stream flows through the farm", Nadia told Newshub, "and one of my staff Ollie said that the word 'Swifty' in the UK is 'to pull a quick pint'. We were like 'yep, that's it'.

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