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Stout and Shank Combo

Monteith’s Brewer’s Series Velvet Stout snapped up a trophy at this year’s Australian Beer Awards - try it alongside their delicious Raukumara Red recipe

Stouts were once known for two things.

  1. Being strong
  2. Being dark

While most still feature that dark, silky characteristic, the nature of craft brewing has put the definition of stouts through a mini evolution. 

This has seen alternative stout interpretations make their mark in the beer world. Brewers are experimenting with techniques and flavours - chocolate, coffee and roasted grains being the favourites. 

Even so, this new stout generation hasn’t taken reign over the classic styles just yet. 

Monteith’s Brewer’s Series Velvet Stout is one of those classics. In fact, it won the Spiegelau Australia Trophy for Best Stout this year.  

Made from a mix of toasted malts, oats and chocolate, this big, full-bodied brew has a soft bitterness and a deep rich flavour. 

The use of lactose sugar gives body to the beer without an overpowering hit of sweetness, making it the perfect match with the Raukumara Red recipe below. 

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Raukumara Red

Raukumara Red

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