Steinlager beer

The 'original' can

Steinlager are saying "we believe" by bringing back their retro white can to celebrate our boys as they go for gold in the UK. But this time they're winding the rugby nostalgia back well beyond 1987

There’s a lot of World Cup nostalgia flying around at the moment, both for 1987 and 2011; but rugby victories for New Zealand date back much further. In fact, 2015 marks the 110th anniversary of New Zealand’s inaugural rugby tour of the UK. The team, known affectionately as the Originals, won 34 out of 35 games, putting NZ on the rugby map for the first time.

Steinlager are bringing back their retro white can for the third time, in celebration of the original men in black and their prophetic win against Devon in 1905. The stylish can, that was in production between 1981 and 1992, is on sale now, complete with a lovely anecdote about the Originals – whose first victory was so much of a surprise that the UK press assumed it was a mistake and reported that Devon had won. That first All Blacks team went on to annihilate the competition on their home soil, despite the fact they had spent six weeks on a boat traveling to England, and had not a single supporter cheering them along the way.

Fast forward a century and we can show “we believe” they'll do it again by simply cracking open a cool can of beer and watching the game – and rest assured All Blacks, there will be plenty of cheering in both hemispheres.

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