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News: Tuatara partners with Kiwi band SIX60

Tuatara Brewing Co. and Kiwi band SIX60 have teamed up to create a summer brew for music and beer lovers alike

Kiwi band SIX60 are known for their soulful, relaxed roots-rock vibe. Similar attributes characterise Kapiti Coast’s Tuatara Brewing Co., so it’s little surprise that a collaboration between the two would lead to something special.

“None of us knew each other so it was important for the teams to meet and ensure there was a true connection," explains says Brewery Manager Brett Oliver. "If it was to happen it had to be authentic. The illustration of the band’s 660 Castle Street flat in Dunedin on the can and the beer style and taste were the result of collective ideas. We wanted to make sure it was a true collaboration and not just a gimmick. Plus, cans are a first for Tuatara. For it to be the result of such a unique project is pretty cool from our perspective.”

There were several ‘bonding’ sessions over a few beers at Tuatara’s Third Eye trial brewery and tap room in Wellington to get to know each other and refine what tasting aspects everyone wanted in the beer. What is now known as the Tuatara SIX60 Super Pale, started its life as part of a jam session. “There were instruments set up amongst fermentation tanks, adhoc guitar lessons, verses being sung and echoing in to tanks as ingredients were added. It was an amazing experience to be part of, for sure,” says Oliver.

What followed was lots of tasting sessions, incorporating surprise fan tastings, feedback from the band and of course a bit of magic from Tuatara's brew team. “In the end we settled on a Super Pale – a sessionable, refreshing style you can crack open on a hot summer day. It's approachable with a bit of mango and citrus and a hint of pine and hop aroma”, explains Tuatara Head Brewer Sam White.

The beer’s launch coincides with SIX60’s new album release which is available now. As an added bonus, customers can scan a Spotify Summer Playlist curated by the band from the side of the Tuatara SIX60 Super Pale can.  

Tuatara SIX60 Super Pale will be supporting the band's upcoming nationwide summer tour in January, and will be available at Liquorland stores nationwide from next week. 

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