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Make Mine A Mead

The popularity of ancient honey-based drink mead is growing worldwide, here's why you should catch the buzz

​Mead is known as the oldest alcoholic drink still in existence, with records predating those of wine and beer. Spanning across Asia, Africa and Europe, the consumption of mead can be traced through archeological remains, folklore and historic records, the earliest known dating from approximately 7000 BC, from residue found inside a vessel in Northern China.


This refreshing drink is made by fermenting honey with water, and the addition of yeasts – often derived from white wine or beer, and isn't as sweet as you'd expect. 


"The biggest misconception about mead, because it's made from honey, is that it has to be overly sweet, but that's not the case," says Kurt Gross, brewer and Lion Ambassador. "Mead can vary in sweetness from dry, semi-sweet, to sweet."


Over the past five years, mead has been rising in popularity, as more and more drinkers look for new, natural and healthy drinking options. "It's great to see mead making a comeback as more people want to experiment with new flavours and ingredients," says Gross. 

Recently released by MAC's, Love Buzz honey mead is made with a blend of manuka, clover and kamahi honeys, to create a refreshing, subtly sweet, lightly sparkling mead that's fermented with a white wine yeast. "Love Buzz has a slight sweetness upfront, with a classic dry finish. It's also completely gluten free, something that we're really excited about," says Gross.


They may not be meads, but while you're on a honey buzz, you might like to try some other honey-based drinks, such as Drambuie Scotch whisky liqueur made with pure heather honey, Wild Turkey American HoneyJack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, and 42 Below Manuka Honey Vodka.

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