Low alcohol beer

Mac's Stunt Double: The Perfect Stand-in

Need a stunt double for when you're not drinking? Mac's New Zealand looks and tastes like a golden ale, but with almost no alcohol.

Leading craft beer brand Mac's has created a bright and refreshing golden ale that has less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Mac's Stunt Double Alcohol Free* Golden Ale is actually a golden ale; it's brewed with pale and crystal malts to give a smooth caramelised malt flavour and full body. A selection of aroma hops added late in the brewhouse give the beer a delicate citrusy hop aroma and flavour as well as enough bitterness to balance the sweetness from the malt. The result is a smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale.

With the demand for low and no alcohol growing, Mac's wanted to make a drink that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. "We know Kiwis love lower alcohol brews, which is why we committed to providing this innovative brew," says Mac's Brand Manager Ali Futcher. "If you want a craft beer to quench your thirst and still tastes like craft beer but without the higher alcohol content, Mac's Stunt Double is for you."

*Contains not more than 0.5% alcohol by volume