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Indulge without the bulge

With just 107 calories per bottle, Steinlager Pure Ultra is the lighter way to enjoy an ice-cold beer this summer, without compromising on taste. Have the fun without the guilt

Summertime means ideal beer drinking weather lazy lunches, sunny afternoons, and balmy evenings.

Trouble is, its also time to dig out the shorts and swimsuits.

Its a struggle to balance maintaining a beach body with cracking open a six-pack not to mention all the other summer temptations and treats that find their way to our pantries, picnics and parties.

In recent years, low-carb beer brands have maintained a steady presence in the market, and its easy to see why. A summer-friendly beer with a big flavour personality and a low calorie count sounds nothing short of magical (in other words, too good to be true).

Weve tried plenty of low-carb beers, and we agree its tough to find one that offers the same taste experience as our favourite full-flavoured brands.

Tough but fortunately, not impossible!

If youre a beer lover who values a healthy lifestyle, Steinlager Pure Ultra may just be your new best friend this summer.

Made with a selection of New Zealands finest hops, Steinlager Pure Ultra delivers that refreshing, smooth Steinlager taste you know and love with 50% less carbs. Its perfectly balanced with a light hop nose, a crisp finish, and a solid 4.6% ABV.

With just 107 calories per bottle, its the lighter way to enjoy an ice-cold beer this summer without compromising on taste.

No additives, no preservatives just full-bodied beer thats easy on the body.

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