How To Make Green Beer For St. Patrick's Day

Green with envy over this brightly-hued St. Patrick's Day brew? Here's how it's made.

Looking for something outside-the-box to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Green Beer is a thing, and all you need is a pale beer and a drop of food colouring. 

A quick history lesson (well, more like a Legend)... Back in the early 1900s, an Irish-American Doctor started the tradition of creating green beer, using it as a surprise for guests at his New York clubhouse. 

It spurred the tradition of dying beer green, with Green Beer a holiday staple in America, especially on St. Patrick's Day. 

Interestingly, it never took off in Ireland, where St. Patrick's Day originated. And while it's not overly popular in Aotearoa, it's a fun trick to make at home. 


A light-colored brew is ideal – either a big brand or your favourite craft style.

Trying this recipe with a dark beer won't give you that wow-factor hue in the glass, but the foam will pick up the food colouring, which gives it a hint of St. Patty's Day fun. 

Green Beer

Green Beer

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