Have a crate day!

December 5th is National Crate Day. We look at why buying into crates is a win-win way to enjoy your favourite beer

Some folks don't know how crates (or "swappas", as they're affectionately known) work but, it's all about reducing waste, saving money and enjoying a beer with friends. 

Sounds crate! Where do I sign up?

You won't find swappas at your supermarket or online. So make haste to your local Liquorland store, and tell the staff what' you're after. They'll produce the goods: one retro-cool wooden crate gloriously stacked with 12 quart-size bottles (745ml). On your first purchase, the price includes a deposit for the crate; but next time you buy, as long as you bring the crate, you only have to pay for the beer.

Saving the planet, one beer at a time

Swappa empties end up back in production; it's much quicker and more energy efficient than what happens to the bottles in your recycling bin. Collecting crates is a big undertaking though, so Lion and DB breweries have joined forces with ABC to keep Kiwis in crates. Use it or lose it people.

Swappa facts

Swappa bottles are always in protective brown glass, so the beer is actually better quality. 

Crates are cheaper too! In fact, a crate contains nine litres of beer, and could save you around $10 on the equivalent volume bought in smaller bottles.

Once you've emptied your beers into an ice bucket, your retro crate makes a great seat!

Check out this great video for more!

Click and Collect

Just one click. That’s all it takes to grab your weekend cocktail essentials from your local Liquorland thanks to Click and Collect.

Simply choose your desired tipples, pay at the quick ’n’ easy online checkout and voilà – your purchases will be ready and waiting for you at your Liquorland store of choice.