The Greatness of Guinness

This brew may be Irish by origin, but it's certainly coveted worldwide.

Famous for its Irish provenance and exceptional colour, Guinness – one of the most prestigious of black beers – is brewed in over 50 countries and enjoyed in around 150 worldwide. 

The Irish icon now accounts for one in every nine pints pulled in the UK, and the result is echoed across Europe too!

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Closer to home, lockdown meant that when Kiwi punters couldn't get to their favourite Irish bar, a can of Guinness from Liquorland hit the spot and gave them the taste they were after. 

Guinness has a coveted appeal across many occasions and generations and is enjoyed year-round – it makes an attractive summer pint, and its density and darkness is right at home through winter.

Mad about Guinness? Find out more about the Guinness 1759 Club here. 

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