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Guide To Shandies

Get to know the refreshing beer cocktail known as a shandy (or radler or panache)

What better way to conjure up hot days and balmy nights than with a shandy, the ultra-refreshing mix of beer with soda or fruit juice?

Also known as a radler or a panache in Europe, where the combination of beer and a mixer has been around for over a century, shandies have been undergoing a resurgence in recent years, as consumers increasingly look for low-alcohol and healthy drinking options (even Martha Stewart has a shandy recipe!).

Great for sharing in pitchers, shandies are traditionally made with lager, wheat beer, pilsner, and blonde ale – and are blended to taste, usually at 50/50 proportions. Depending on the flavours you’re wanting to bring out or add to your drink, you’ll need to consider the mixer you choose, remembering that fresh flavours will quench your thirst the most. Traditional lemonades and citrus-based sodas are the most popular combos, and will add a refreshingly bitter edge. Sweet sodas will obviously make the drink sweeter, but you might want to consider adding rich flavours with a honey-based soda. Similarly, ginger ale will give warmth and depth to your drink, while fruit juices will create more of a punch-like taste.

Don’t forget to add garnishes for added flavour, such as fresh fruits and herbs, and top with plenty of ice to up the quench factor.

Kiwiana Shandy

Kiwiana Shandy

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