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Brilliant beer floats

As the barbecue season draws to an end, go out with a bang by serving some of the best summer beers in the most decadent fashion

Beer, these days, can be a serious business. Often associated with bearded men, tasting flights in dark Wellington bars, it has come a long way from the fun-loving lager lads of the late ’80s. Well, here’s a simple prescription for putting the fun back into your flagon – add a dollop of ice cream. Yes really!

A traditional, American style beer float is made with root beer and vanilla ice cream, but there’s no reason why you can’t substitute in one of the many fabulous craft beers available – some are so sweet and delicious they’re practically a dessert already.

Building a float is easy. Take a wide high ball or parfait glass and add the ice cream first. Your float should be two parts ice cream to one part beer. That means the ice cream should fill two thirds of the glass. Pour the beer over the top gently, so it doesn’t fizz over the sides when it hits the ice cream. Add a garnish if you like.

Here’s five of our favourties:

Chocolate Stout Float

Tuatara Black WCF Chocolate Stout poured over rich chocolate ice cream will give you a double chocolate delight. Garnish with chopped pistachios.

Creamy Cherry Beer

Lindemans Kriek has an unusual flavour but it’s not an acquired taste. Pour over vanilla ice cream to banish the hoppy bitterness and garnish with a glacé cherry.

Lemon Lovely

Wheat beer has long been served with a slice of lemon; take it a step further by pouring Three Boys Wheat beer over lemon sorbet. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

After Eight

An after-dinner mint with a twist – Epic Apocalypse Black IPA poured over mint choc chip ice cream. Garnish with chocolate shavings.

Coffee Float

Mike’s Vanilla Coffee Porter can be poured over rich vanilla ice cream for a boozy flat white, or dark coffee ice cream for an espresso hit. Garnish with chocolate syrup.

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