Brewery reveals sustainability success

DB Breweries, one of New Zealand's largest brewers, has revealed it diverted 96 percent of its waste from landfill last year

DB Breweries has released its annual Sustainability Report, detailing its progress towards halving its emissions by 2030, and achieving zero waste to landfill.

The company removed 17 tonnes of plastic from its supply chain in 2019, part of an overall 10% reduction in its total waste since 2018. Of the remaining waste, 96% was diverted from landfill through various reuse and recycling initiatives.

“We speak often about consumers needing to reduce their waste, but in my view there isn’t enough pressure and progress from companies to do the same. We are one step further up the chain, so if we can reduce what we use at our level, it will have a significant impact,commented Peter Simons, Managing Director of DB Breweries.

The drop in plastic use has been achieved via collaboration and innovation, with reducing stretch wrap on pallets one of the biggest changes. Tackling plastics will continue to be a priority for the company, with a focus on reducing and recycling onsite plastic, collaborating with suppliers, and sustainable packaging solutions.

As well as reducing plastic and diverting waste, DB reduced its carbon emissions by 11% in 2019. As a signatory to the Climate Leaders Coalition, the brewer has committed to halving its emissions by 2030i to align with the Paris Agreement to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The company's 11% reduction is the equivalent to the annual emissions of over 140 households in New Zealand.

For more information on DB’s actions and commitments to Brewing a Better New Zealand, view the 2019 Sustainability Report at