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Beer News: Tiger Launches new premium cold-filtered beer

Tiger just changed its stripes with the launch of new beer, Crystal (+ some great Singaporean foods to enjoy it with)

From this week Kiwis can get their hands on the new premium Asian lager, Tiger Crystal, a crystal-cold filtered brew that’s been going great guns with beer drinkers around the world.

Housed in crystal-clear flint glass to better showcase its clarity, Tiger Crystal is brewed with a pale lager malt and a unique combination of hops, and has a fruity aroma and delicate flavour. This easy-drinking pale lager is beautifully balanced with low bitterness, a slight sweetness and a refreshing finish.


Tiger was born on the streets of Singapore in 1932, with a unique tropical lagering technique created to keep Asia cool. It’s no surprise then that the new Tiger Crystal, which is crystal-cold filtered for ultimate refreshment, is perfect for pairing with this country’s most iconic dishes, which roam through Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian influences. Described as a “classic sunshine” style beer, Tiger Crystal is great enjoyed with Singaporean dishes like…

  • Chilli crab (don’t forget your bib and hand wipes)
  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce, the hotter the better
  • Seafood laksa – be sure to make loud slurping noises while eating this spicy bowl of noodle and curry soup deliciousness
  • Nasi lemak, a winning combo of coconut milk rice with a variety of side dishes like fried chicken and fish, boiled eggs, raw veggies, shrimp, peanuts and lots of chilli, naturally
  • Hokkien mee – a steaming bowl of mixed noodles, seafood, bean sprouts and chilli sauce, extra points for eating it beside a hawker food stall

Tiger Crystal, RRP$24.99 (12 pack), 4.5% ABV

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