Must have brews

Beer Fridge 101

Beer fridge looking a bit empty? It’s time to start thinking about stocking it up for the warmer months. Here are a few of our suggestions to add to the mix

Stouts and porters have served us well over the winter period. But as the days get longer, and the temp starts to rise, it’s a good idea to start stocking up on a selection of crisper brews. 

Check out our 4 picks below. 

Monteith’s Brewer Series Double Hopped IPA 500ml

One of the newest additions to the Monteith’s Brewers Series, Double Hopped IPA, is a bigger, bolder brother of the current IPA. They’ve used a bunch of different hop varieties, so expect a citrus, woody hop aroma with a fresh hop floral to finish.

It’s a big beer, sitting at 7.5 per cent ABV, but it’s crisp high bitterness works well with the concentrated malt flavour and sweetness.

Try it with oily fish dishes or camembert and brie. 

Tuatara Double Trouble APA 500ml

This is one for the taste buds. Tuatara’s double hopped APA clocks in at 9 per cent ABV, and shows off sweet, spicy and citric flavours with a long lingering bitter finish – just what we’re looking for in an APA.

The perfect match for strong flavoured food. 

Mac’s Hop Rocker 12pk

Hoppy enough to stand up to spicy fare, but with a refreshing, drinkable quality – Hop Rocker is the ideal spring drink. The full citrus aromas, and a couple of bitter notes thrown in from the hopping makes for a botanically exotic brew.

Similar to a fruity wine, Hop Rocker is a pilsner that likes to cling to spicy Asian or Indian dishes. 

Coopers Sparkling Ale 750ml

A spot on balance of malt, hops and fruit, Coopers Sparkling Ale is a must for every beer fridge. It’s heavily carbonated and showcases a pleasant after bitterness. Give it a go with barbequed or Italian dishes.

The ale has a famous cloudy sediment from Coopers’ distinct secondary fermentation technique, which leaves some yeast in the bottle. Gently rock the bottle from side to side before drinking. 

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