The Mac's story

Beer pioneer

We take a look at the tale of Mac's. One of New Zealand's most beloved breweries

The Mac’s story begins in 1981 with a man named Terry. Terry was a pub manager with one problem – he wasn't too happy with the brews his pub was serving. 

One day, after a couple of underwhelming brews, Terry had a thought.

"What if I brewed some beer myself?"

And brew, he did.

Brewing licences were hard to come by at this time and no one had applied for one for over 50 years, but eventually Terry got his licence and brewed and brewed. 

Soon enough, Terry had created his own beer – Mac’s.

Terry's hard work and determination started to pay off as beer lovers cottoned on to the fact that Mac’s was a decent and delicious beverage. The production of Mac's soon inspired others to start brewing too, sparking a whole new wave of exciting new breweries in the field.

These days, Terry himself has moved on, but his "what if" attitude still remains and the team at Mac's is constantly striving to produce beers and ciders that Kiwis adore. 

Pick up one of their delicious brews here or below.

Also, make sure you keep an eye out for a special Mac's giveaway next week, to celebrate their 35th birthday.

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